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300 Pounds
(Lisa Booth, Music Fan Biz January 2009 )

300 pounds are a three piece, garage rock punk band from Santa Cruz California. With influences from Elvis Costello, Citizen Cope, and Cake, they have
developed their own unique infectious sound. 300 pounds has released two albums “Metamorphosis” and “300 Pounds” with their latest “The Emeryville Project”. They are currently signed to DC Jam Records who will be bringing us a new release very soon!

Band Members:
Nate Lieby (Guitar, Vocals)
Jon Moriconi (Drums)
Pecos (Bass, Sultry Backing Vocals)

I had the honour of checking out a couple of their brilliant tracks, "Sick Sick Feeling" and "Butcher" from “The Emmeryville Project”.
“Sick Sick Feeling” possesses an edgy intro with a driving drumbeat and infectious guitar riffs. Raw vocals grinding out the lyrics with a harmonious chorus.
"Cause I don't want anything, you can sell me."

“Butcher” has distorted contagious guitar riffs, a poppin' drumbeat and a screaming lead guitar break. The vocals are melodically fired out at the pace of
today’s rat race! This tune contains a contagious chorus that will have you singing along.
"Another day another butcher, trying to bleed us dry.

300 pounds are a modern sounding version of 60's garage music with class and edge. They are injecting a fresh rawness into recorded rock music of today. This band has funk and punk shakin' with rock crusin' out garage style. Check'em out: