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The local trio is just happy to be out of the hospital
(Written by Linda Koffman Tuesday, 13 January 2009 )

“There’s some sort of curse going on with the band,” frontman Nate Lieby says of 300 Pounds’ long history of mishaps. “We’re always recovering from some sort of grievous injury.” The latest in the string of injuries happened when bassist John “Pecos” Davis broke his neck mountain biking. No light concern. After six years of rockin’ without too much reward and the band at a major standstill, Lieby says the trio of nerd rockers was on the verge of calling it quits for good as the new year approached. And then, in true indie fairy tale form, the curse lifted. In the middle of their six-week layoff, with Pecos out of commission, Lieby got a call “out of the blue” from DC-Jam Records. Weeks later, they’ve just inked a deal and are set to record their first full-length US release on the small label based in Missouri.

Lieby and drummer Jon Moriconi have performed together for 15 years (their previous outfit being Sneaky Creekins), and joined by Pecos’ funk-influenced bass lines, they’ve found a formula for quirky garage rock dampened down with disco wah pedals, slower ska riffs and the singer’s whimsical lyrics, that all comes together as music for the rock channel-surfer. The band, ironically named because, as the singer describes, “We’re all skinny dudes trying to bulk up,” posted the EP The Emeryville Project on the net for about a year. DC-Jam picked off the standout track “Butcher” and decided to pursue. Now, 300 Pounds are getting set for Trail of Numbered Days, the upcoming album featuring remixed songs off the EP, three new tunes, and tracks from their previous self-released album. This week’s big Inauguration Celebration show at Moe’s will also feature Wet Umbrella, and will no doubt turn into a chance to celebrate 300 Pounds’ own signage. So does Lieby feel the band fits well on the label’s roster of skate-punk bands? “Well, the first of our injuries over the years was when I broke my ankle skateboarding,” he correlates humorously. “So I guess the skateboarding gods are now smiling on us.”