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Little Weight

If you never find a way to say it, will it be OK?
Or will it lie just beneath the surface until it rots away?
And even when you're talking about it
you're lying through your teeth.
I see the way that it hangs upon you as you're telling me
"everybody's got their own little weight"

I walk this town as an unknow dstranger and all I see
are the facades and their ashen faces in the streets
where everybody's got the same opinion
and has the same disease
they're all drowning in their resignation
as they're telling me
"everybody's got their own price to pay"

I feel it,
if pulls me down
you're drowning
it holds you down
your own little wieght

Another day, another broken promise, another stunted dream.
Another lie and I'm realizing that nothing's as it seems
and now you've left me with nothign at all
what can I believe?
I can't stand this rhetoric that you're force-feeding me.