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Home Made Movies

As I walk alone trying to set things straight
It seems there's something wrong,
but I'm just to tired anyway.
I'm too tired to keep on fighting
and too tired to push it away.
And I can see it coming
but I just don't know what to say.
Do you, anyway?

I feel it coming on,
like your breath across my face
but what's the use in fighting,
if nobody's listening anyway?
We're like a fading home-made movie
as I watch the colors drain
I feel I should do something,
but I'm just too tired any way.
and aren't you, anyway?
I'll haunt you.

It's been a long long time
and I wish that things were the same
as the times that've passed us by
but we watched them slipping away
a shrinking figure crossing slowly
across a trembling moonlit plain
into another new beginning,
into another cloudy day
with you.
what can you say?
it's been a long, long day.