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Under A Cloud

Am I wearing a sign
that says "Hey ladies! Please bring your baggage
and dump it on me!"?

If I am can you take it off?
because this shit isn't funny
and it keeps happening.

"Let's just
cool down"
You're fucking kidding me.
Have a
nice life.
I'm going home to sleep.

Are you under a cloud?
It won't stop raining.
I guess a cat has got my tongue.
I can't say anything.

I guess it's all said and done. (water under the bridge)
I'll get dressed and leave.
Save your words for your therapist
because I'm not listening.

You said
you don't
Want to hurt me.

Well, I appreciate
the sentiment
and your honesty.

But please excuse me
while I
speak candidly.

Pease lose my number.
Forget the friendship.
There's nothing in it for me.