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Took a Trip

took a trip to hell and back a couple of years ago, and now I've wound back up in hell.
I guess you get used to it after a while so I guess I'll just stay here a spell
How's the weather where you are? I hope you're doing well.
I write you from far away so far I cannot tell
business as usual in hell

I Made a home out of brimstone
it's nice and warm and all the flames provide the lights
I don't mind what I left behind
but I ain't gonna lie to you now baby. a glass of ice water would be nice
sometimes I miss my friends and things are hard but I guess it's just as well
chose my path and I'm sticking to it
had my chance and I guess I blew it
business as usual in hell

Who am I trying to kid?
Not fooling anybody least of all myself.
Won't someone take me home?