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three long years.
in the same shit town.
it's the same old story
still hanging around.
three steps behind hangs an old shadow
in two days two days it'll all be over but does he know?

what the hell are you running from?

now hush my little one
don't make a sound
must not let your breath escape
in this shit town
the specter looming, overshadows all
in it's cold dark embrace we won't see you fall.

what are you hiding from?

never looking back and that's the way you live
say you're gonna get away but then you never did
in your own mind I guess it's always true
but you've never been able to see it through
time and time and time again
I wondering just where you been
has he found new ways to become strong
nope, you've been right here all along

it's a night to end all
never been so cold
an icy embrace on him
he buckles and folds
twenty four years and he's gone no where
and when he's gone will no one care?

I can't see anything