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Picked myself up,
drug my hand across my face
it's looking as if
I'll have to slap myself awake again
another weekday
and I stayed up way too late
another gourmet meal
served upon a paper plate
but something feels different in the world today
like all this pressure has just melted away
once mundane there's new magic in things
drastic change brings new beginnings

time keeps coming
but I cant keep waiting on it
gotta get out gotta go change things
gotta keep on stomping
and now the world is calling
and you know I'm all up on it
gotta pick your time
and now this time is mine.
it's all mine: my everything.

It's like someone came along
and broke open the sky
burned off all the fog
and uncovered my eyes
It's the strangest damn thing to feel this alive
after what I feared was lost,
but this feels so right