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Neck Deep

You said
"everybody's got their own opinions"
instead I'd rather make my own decisions.
and time waits on no man
I can't live my life like you
I can't live like I'm neck deep in quicksand

These days,
I'm watching every leaf fall
In some ways,
I feel just like you all
But I won't let time
govern my ways
never stopping always late
you're counting numbered days
gotta break another date gotta find another way
got to rise above it.

Everybody feels their own pain
everybody lives in their own hell
we all wanna feel OK
we all want to live well
but it seems we're never satisfied
with the simple things in life
conveluded thought waiting for the bomb to drop
I wonder can we see the light ?

Two eyes
survey the huddled masses
Time Flies
away from working classes
Can I break down and cry
or should I push on?
If I'm living in fear
can I face another year
should I give up now
or should I pretend I'm strong