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Left Turn

After all of this time in the turn lane,
some of the lights should line up.
Press the flesh of my face on the windowpane.
Throwing piss out the window from a paper cup.
Every mile that I drive puts a knot in my back
and I've four more hours to go.
Drive-thru food in a paper sack,
in my mouth, to my gullet below.

Driving across the country,
waking up in a differen state.
Coppers pulled me over for the tags on my rear plate.
From Tennesee to New Jersey,
10 hick towns on the way.
Change the clock and set my watch
about every other day.

Rolling again and it's midnight.
I perfer the sun to streetlights.
Deadlines looming overhead,
Mashing on the gas with a foot of lead.
Sleep begins to cover my eyes
and I fear it'll win this fight.
Better find a greasy spoon-
a beacon in this night.

Waitresses break my heart
and try to slow my roll.
Trucker speed and bammer weed
weigh heavy on my soul.
Morning comes too quickly.
Grind the gears and the journey begins.
I picked up jesus hitchhiking
he absolved me of my sins.

So I sat there... just sorta looking at the horizon. Not really thinking of much at al... not saying nothing. Makes the rive take too long when you try to think too much. I turned back to my right to say something, but he was gone. And that son of a bitch stole my last package of mini thins.

Jesus is a trucker,
dispatched by the lord above.
He's got the finest thorn-mesh hat
that fits him like a glove.
He'll save your soul. He'll make you smile
with a heart so full of glee.
But don't turn your back on the son-of-a-bitch,
or you'll end up just like me.

See jesus is a gambler
and he laughs with lives at stake.
He stole my drugs at midnight
and I could not stay awake.
Hit a pylon doing 95
and I guess it was my loss.
If you ask me, I wish that he
had stayed up on that cross.