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Got Nothing

I spent so much time thinking to myself
that I should've grown up to be somebody else,
but now I'm here and I can't change
all the things I've done
and I can't give up because life's just begun.
Maybe things will get better
and the sun will shine, but until then,
I'm just biding my time because life is getting thick
and my soul is getting sick
so I'll just keep making music
and hope it does the trick.

don't try to adjust your television
because this is just a test.
I want to get out there,
but my world is crumbling
and I could use some rest.

If I could make myself relax maybe things would be OK, but the people that I love keep slipping away.
At least I've got my family
and a few of my friends that stuck around with me.
They'll be here for me whenever I think I need a hand
and if things get complicated,
I hope they'll understand.
For them if may be convoluted
but for me it's clear:
they're the only reason that I'm still here.

It's been a long time coming and a long time gone
and life keeps movin' on and on
I've got my problems and I've got my regrets
but I keep on learning with every step
there's only so much time
and I'm hopin to find
something out there to ease my mind
It's a endless struggle it's an endless fight
And I'm hopin' one day it'll be all right