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A Better Way

all right people, listen up
this won't take a bit
he's looking so serious
but just talking shit

he's got a chip on his shoulder
spanning three generations
had a girl now she's gone
she got impatient
now, who could blame her anyway?

and all your so-called friends
just took the last bus out of town
who will be here to salute you
now that they're not around

no longer preaching to the choir
you're bashing heathens
got to spill a little blood
for what you believe in
but now, ywe just throw your words away...

can you belive there might be someone
better off without your help?
and maybe before you run your mouth
you should take a look inside yourself
I'm not gonna be the guy who's here
to knock you off your throne
you seem to be doing a pretty good job
of that on your own.

I can't seem to get away from
the likes of you.
it's driving me crazy

I'll just shut my mouth and keep walkin by
it's all I can do
it's happening daily